Learning Dutch, Enjoying Much

The Right Energy will Push you

Learning a new language should be fun. Sure, it requires studying, practice and discipline. But without energy and joy you won´t make it. So Much Dutch combines both: the mastery of the Dutch Language and interactive, fun classes. So, are you ready to lift up your mood and start talking in Dutch? With many years of international experience So Much Dutch will be happy to teach and support you!

I Believe in Shortcuts

But Practice is Key


The classes of So Much Dutch are inspired by the PPP-Method: Presentation - Practice - Production. You will get explanations, practise accordingly, and produce your own sentences finally - speaking makes perfect. But within this structure there is a lot of flexibility and adaptation, in order to improve your Dutch. Imagine, another topic was touched during our conversation, consequently could we go deeper into it to strengthen this part of your language ability. We can combine and switch between topics to get the most out of the lessons. Even though structure is important.

What clients say

The students really like him! I congratulate him for his talent,

professionality and pedagogy!"

Luis, principal of Areteia School, Madrid

"Chris is an amazing teacher! He is patient, well prepared and learning Dutch with him is fun and interesting!"

Claudia, California (USA)

"It has been great having him as a member of the Aco Formacion Team.

I am always happy with his classes, likewise are his students! A great teacher!"

Luis, director of Aco Formacion, Madrid