I Believe in Shortcuts

There is no magical spell to learn Dutch in some weeks. But So Much Dutch does believe that we can use shortcuts. Certain parts of a language can be combined in such a way, so that learners can express themselves faster and easier - construct proper sentences. Apart from that: we adapt - as much as possible - the content of the classes to your interests and environment. This creates a stronger willingness to learn and practise.

Detect Student´s Flaws

So Much Dutch believes that learning a new language is as much a creative process as a learning one. So the creativity of the students is valued, and videos, games and (little) role-plays are part of the classes too. The right setting makes the mind more receptive to remember and more set to construct sentences. And it´s a fun way of learning!


The classes of So Much Dutch are inspired by the PPP-Method: Presentation - Practice - Production. You will get explanations, practise accordingly, and produce your own sentences finally - speaking makes perfect. But within this structure there is a lot of flexibility and adaptation, in order to improve your Dutch. Imagine, another topic (part of grammar) was touched during our conversation or practice, consequently could we go deeper into it to strengthen this part of your language ability. We can combine and switch between topics to get the most out of the lessons. Even though structure is important.

Kate, London:

"Chris was incredibly flexible and made my introduction to Dutch seamless. Each lesson would involve a follow up from the last, which helped to retain the knowledge I had gained so far. He was able to create the right pace for our lessons; so they were challenging but never overwhelming. He improved my confidence massively and gave me the motivation to continue learning Dutch!"